Brand Identity Development

Matthew Wilshaw is a talented woodworker and hard working contractor. Not only can the man swing a hammer, but lately he’s been getting involved in some unique resin projects as well as work with a CNC. Be sure to check him out online!

About the Work

When Matt came to us looking to have a brandmark developed, he wanted something simple, but was facing a unique problem. Wilshaw Construction also had a secondary company attached to it; Willsaw Tree Removal. This unique play on words was too good of an opportunity to pass up so we decided to create a logo for each, noting the name change and description on the secondary while labeling it as a ‘division’ of Wilshaw Construction.

Because most of his work, focuses on lumber products, a single solidary tree within the ‘A’ of the company name was chosen. To compliment that on the tree removal portion of his business, it only seemed fitting to simply cut that same tree down.

Brand Identity 'Logomark'

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