Brand Support
Is your brand identity telling your story?
a few things to consider

So you’ve started a business, have built up your visual identity with a fresh new logo, and now want to raise awareness and get it out there… everywhere. Do you have rules in place on how your logo should be used? Have you considered minimum/maximum logo sizes, spacing, colour palette, font selections, or the general “dos and don’ts” of how your brand is represented?

Building a ‘brand bible’ or document with visual guidelines will play a key role in how advertisers, sponsorship opportunities, partnerships, or even your own staff use your visuals. Having those rules in place will not only ensure consistency across the board, but also sustainability for all of your future business endeavours.

If all of ‘big business’ is using it, why would you not want to ensure the same respect for your own brand?

Your 'Brand Bible'
What should it include?