Logo Development & Brand Identity
Does your logo stand out?
Does it align itself with your target demographic?

Often, when potential clients are searching for your product or service, your logo or brand identity are a part of their first impression. Does your logo match their expectations of your product or first-class service? Does it draw them in, or help you stand apart from your competitors?

Is your brand versatile enough to meet your needs for vertical or horizontal layout? Will it work for print in full or single colour, or work on a light or dark background? Does it look great large or small? Will it meet the needs for embroidery, embossing, or any other application your mind can come up with?

These are often aspects of design that are overlooked completely. Large businesses offering online logos certainly do not take this into consideration, and most of the time they will even sell the same  or similar logos to multiple businesses just to make a buck.

If you want your brand to truly stand out and to ultimately help tell your story, designing something from the ground up is the answer.

A look at the process...
What to expect when building a brand identity or rebranding

Client Consultation

We want to know what you like, learn as much as possible about your company and even your entire industry.

First Round of Concepts

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Client Review and Discussion

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Concept Revisions

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Logo Selection Made

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Colour Application

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Logo and Colour Concept Expansion

Taking your new logo and it’s colour, this step will ensure that the design is suitable for a variety of applications. We ensure it will work when it has to be used in a vertical or horizontal presentation, on a light or dark background, etc.

File Packaging and Delivery

The home stretch! Your logo gets packaged with all of the variations developed in the last step. It is then packaged with a variety of

A little added value
Ensuring brand consistency is key...

We want to ensure you kick off your new branding on the right foot! Every client that develops a new visual identity will receive a complimentary Brand Bible; a brand guidelines document to ensure your logo is used consistently throughout all of your brand collateral!

Need a logo? We can help!
Let's put your ideas into motion and create a visual representation of your brand that will stand the test of time, gain your business new clients, and ensure you remain top-of-mind with your existing client base!
Some of our Work
We're thrilled to have designed these logos!