Why People Choose One Brand Over Another

February 22, 2023
Posted in Branding
February 22, 2023 Ryan Lavigne

As human beings, we often use brands as a way of expressing our self-identity. The brands we choose to buy and use can convey a lot about our personality, values, and beliefs. There are several reasons why we choose one brand over another based on our own self-identity.

  1. Personal values and beliefs: Our personal values and beliefs play a significant role in our brand choices. For instance, if someone values eco-friendliness, they might choose to buy brands that prioritize sustainability and environmental protection. This preference can help them identify with the brand and communicate their values to others.
  2. Social identity: Our social identity, which includes our group memberships and affiliations, can also influence our brand choices. For example, someone who identifies as a member of a particular social group might choose a brand that is popular or well-regarded among that group to fit in or demonstrate their membership.
  3. Self-image: Our brand choices can also reflect the image we want to project of ourselves. If someone wants to be seen as trendy, they might choose brands that are currently fashionable or on-trend, while someone who wants to project an image of professionalism and sophistication might choose more high-end brands.
  4. Emotional connection: We might choose a brand because we have a positive emotional connection with it. For example, we might have fond memories associated with a certain brand or feel a sense of nostalgia when we use a particular product. These emotional connections can make us more likely to choose that brand over others.

In summary, our brand choices can reflect our personal values, social identity, self-image, and emotional connections. By choosing brands that align with these aspects of our self-identity, we can express who we are to ourselves and others.

This is why, when developing a brand, it is crucial to take on a customer or client-focused approach. Who are your ideal clients? And how does your brand, your product or your service resonate with their values and beliefs!

Cheers, R.